Azienda Agricola Quaquarini Francesco organic winery

The Family

The Quaquarini family has attended wine production for three generations. Nowadays the winery is run by Francesco with his son Umberto and his daughter Maria Teresa
Umberto is the creator of each unmistakable wine signed Quaquarini, while Maria Teresa directs marketing, coordinates the commercial network and the company’s image.

The Winery is part of the Association Producers of Classese (which gathers the most qualified producers of Spumante classic method of Oltrepò Pavese) and is one of the charter members of the prestigious Club of Buttafuoco Storico. They are also member of the District of Quality Wine in Oltrepò Pavese and of the Consortium for the protection of Oltrepò Pavese Wine.

From the wine to the glass

The winery Quaquarini respects the land, the environment, the work.

They develop research programmes to improve production, enhancing the production techniques and the wine tradition that set them apart.
A veritable production chain of wine: from the delicate manual phase of the vine cultivation and vintage, the great care and the scrupulous control of the production to the bottling and selling of the wine. A family-run reality, producing high level and high genuineness traditional local wines, maintaining a very good price/quality ratio.

The oenologist is at home

Umberto Quaquarini is the oenologist of the company.

In the vineyards and in the cellar, he follows every phase of the production of each wine, with great care and attention. Taking inspiration from the work of his father Francesco, he has given prominence to the cultivation of autochthonous varieties of vines, combining tradition and innovation.

The firm, certified organic, adopts the grassing technique, (that is the presence of a meadow in the vineyard) in the growing of the vines. This technique can produce a better ripening of the grapes, so improving quality and fighting the erosive effects of the soil.

Organic farming and sustainability

The Winery QUAQUARINI has obtained the Certification from Organic Farming BIOS.

An ethical and environmentally-aware choice: to choose organic farming means to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, from the perspective of a better future for everyone. They use organic fertilizers of animal and/or vegetable origin, sustain biodiversity, don’t use chemical synthesis techniques, refuses GMO, sustain scientific research using technology to guarantee high quality standards for their wines. Moreover, they preserve and respect the rural landscape and assure to the customer a range of excellent wines of high quality, free of chemical residues, sustainable and good for our health too.