Buttafuoco “Chinensis” – Wine aromatized with Quina

Wine aromatized with Quina
CL 50

Elegant meditation wine, born from the warmth of a wine that, as indicatde by the name “Al buta mel Fog” (It flares up like the fire) and an infusion of herbs and chinchona bark.


COLOUR: Deep ruby red with bright hues.
AROMA: The balsamic and aromatic notes of precious spices perfectly blend with the delicate scents of blackberry and wild fruits.
FLAVOUR: The ageing in little oak barrels and the infusion with officinal herbs (Cinchona Calisaya bark and Quassus wood, gentian root, cardamom seeds, juniper berries, mace, camomile) give elegance and softness to this passionate and intriguing full-bodied wine.
SERVICE TEMPERATURE: 16°C as digestive – 8°C as aperitif
FOOD PAIRING: The best as a refreshing aperitif with seltzer and superb as a digestive. Pairing with dark chocolate is a must.


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